Photo: The White House

It’s something that President Donald Trump has said on numerous occasions since the start of the Kovid-19 pandemic.

He slammed the World Health Organization for their response to the initial outbreak in China and has blamed them countless times. He has said that WHO didn’t react quickly enough and that they let the Chinese government lie to the world and withhold information crucial to the response of the USA and other countries.

He threatened to defund the WHO in the early days of the outbreak in the USA and finally to cut ties with the organization.

This is something that many experts from the USA and from all around the world have said that it could be really dangerous in times of a worldwide pandemic.

But, as usual, Trump doesn’t care what experts say. He mostly cares about what TV hosts say, what people on Twitter say, even if sometimes that is just plain fake news.

You are fake news” – that’s something that Trump would say reading this article.

And after months of threats, that day finally came.

Earlier this month, the Trump administration submitted an official notice of withdrawal from the WHO to the United Nations secretary-general.

And that’s it, right? USA is now out of the WHO?

Well, not quite so quickly, folks…

The thing is that this notice will take effect in July 2021. That means – in Trump’s second term, or maybe in Biden’s first term as president.

And if we are talking about Biden we should say that Biden said that he will reverse this move if he wins November’s election.

Photo: Gage Skidmore

When? Well, he said “on day one”.

So, we should just wait and see what happens. Even if Trump wins he has a lot of time to reverse his own decision if he sees that it’s better that way. After the elections many things will be different.